Before the age of Instagram, Doublecrossed was a photo blog I updated 365 days a year. It was where I got my start in digital publishing and shared my photography with the world. Wherever I traveled, my computer and camera cables were there to make sure daily posts were too. Today, of course, I can do that all with the phone in my pocket. It was time to reinvent Doublecrossed.

As of September 2017, this is where I am kicking off a future in print publishing. Doublecrossed is now a physical photo zine series, published seasonally. Here, you can view and purchase paper issues and editioned art prints -- because 13 years later, I've learned there is more to express and share in photography than can be done on the screen alone.

For more about me and my work, visit tanja-tiziana.com or find me on social media via the links below.

Contact me directly at
tanja /at/ doublecrossed /dot/ ca