lights offlights on
57 channels and nothing on.
57 channels and nothing on.

//Paul looking over the VHS section at used media mega-shop, Sonic Boom, in the Annex. (Canon 30d)

It's rare that he leaves this place without a purchase, but that face is not one of a man impressed with the selection.  
(Yes, he already owns that double-set of Titanic.) 

Unrelated: The 2007 Photobloggies are accepting nominations.  Be a peach and nominate DoubleCrossed in a category or two. Gracias.

14 days left until the Circa release party at Le Petit Dejeuner in Toronto.

2007-02-02 // Categories: [Portraits]  [Toronto]  

Flo's Diner, revisited.the voyeur squirrel.57 channels and nothing on.cadet at the carnival, c.1955.spadina squeezebox.