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orange geometry
orange geometry

//orange on orange tile.

Today's photo comes out of my mother's kitchen. I was there yesterday and hear all about how the orange-toned 70's kitchen is getting a makeover. Decided to shoot a little set of images to celebrate the great ol' space. This is one of them.

THIS WEEKEND, June 5-6, I will be exhibiting at Jimmie Simpson Park for in the Riverdale Art Walk in Toronto. I'll be showing large resin pieces from the 'End of Summer at Coney Island' series, some original Polaroids, and, of course, my black & whites. You can find me in booth 75, 11-6pm.

Opening June 5th at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center in Rochester, NY is the 6x6x2010 group show. I've got a couple 6"x6" squares in the mix.

On now is the Small Victories exhibit at Above Second gallery in Hong Kong. My photo, You Lose, is featured in the show.

And finally, June 10th, my newest series, Between Black & White: A Portrait of Transgender Toronto goes up at the Raging Spoon (761 Queen St W, Toronto). Opening night is June 10th, 2010, from 7-11pm! See you there.

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