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end scene. exit stage left.
end scene. exit stage left.

//The Gypsy Co-op, under reno - as the owner invited us + our cameras in off the street. Nikon 8800.

Words can not describe this weekend.

Hours ago, we closed the doors, handed a few photos to their new owners, packed everything up and left the Magic Pony Gallery. We'd planned to head to the Toronto Photobloggers event at the Apple store, but with all the folks in the gallery we couldn't even close on time. Best reason I've ever had to miss a lecture. ;)

Both Sean and I would like to thank everyone who came out this weekend. It was a pleasure meeting so many fascinating folks, and I must say I think we've grown as photographers (and people) in just 3 days. Special thanks to Yota (mm cookies), Georgia (beatiful work on the calendar), Steph (my hero), Michelle (organizing queen), Kathy (top speed food clean-up), Paul (heavy lifting) and everyone who helped make it possible.

If you ordered a print and we've still got to arrange to get it to you, an e-mail will be on the way soon. If you've got any q's, drop me a line.

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