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elevator, revisited.
elevator, revisited.

//Georgia K in the elevator.

Spending the evening at Sean's loft for a birthday party, Georgia, Stephanie and I decided to get going before we missed the last train. Irina joined us on the elevator ride down and soon one thing led to another and we were shooting photos.

Thankfully, I had my older 30D and wideangle lens in tow from some outdoor work earlier in the day. The lens managed to give this small elevator some BIG treatment. Just outside the frame you're looking at, the rest of us are crammed up against the button panel, almost settling off the alarm as we head towards the ground floor.

Long time visitors to Doublecrossed, will recall that this has happened before. This photo (still one of the most popular links) was taken in another elevator back in 2004.

Alternate shots have been uploaded to Flickr. As for the train... we missed it.

2008-02-25 // Categories: [Portraits]  [Retro]  

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